Schema is a one-day single track conference. All talks are 35 minutes, with 10-minute breaks in between. We know it’ll be a day full of info, but have no fear—all talks will be recorded and shared out the week after the event for you to rewatch and share.

Thursday, October 7th

3:30pm UTC

Conference kickoff

Join Sho as he kicks off our inaugural Schema conference with opening remarks. Tune in for his reflections on how design systems have grown and changed and how us system designers can help shape a better, more inclusive future.
3:303:55pm UTC
4:00pm UTC

Guidance over governance

Jen and Luca will reveal how systems and freedoms can coexist and how your design community can thrive at any stage. Letting go of consistency and control might sound scary, but embracing a culture of context and trust is the key to supporting an ecosystem where collaborative creation can truly fuel innovation.
4:004:35pm UTC
4:45pm UTC

Mastering the art of code-aligned UI kits

Not sure where to start? Get your libraries off the ground by learning how to craft UI kits that designers will love using. We'll dive into building flexible components, aligning their API with code, and dealing with changes as the design system evolves.
4:455:20pm UTC
5:30pm UTC

Reimagining Atlassian design system

Design systems have evolved into robust ecosystems of interconnected tooling, documentation, conceptual models, and more. We're excited to bring you on a journey to celebrate and reflect on the past decade as we shift our mindsets, apply systems thinking, take on the monster of scale, and embrace the complexity of "platform."
5:306:05pm UTC
6:15pm UTC
7:45pm UTC

Building custom Figma plugins

Figma is a powerful design tool that is used by many designers across Microsoft. Building custom Figma plugins can unlock new capabilities, resources, and shortcuts that are tailored to enhance design processes. Kelly and Prasanna take you through what it’s like building Figma plugins and how they are used at Microsoft.
7:458:20pm UTC
8:30pm UTC

Material You and Figma

Material You is enabling a new level of individuality across interfaces. But how does dynamic color interact with the distinct brand expression in your design system? In this session, we’ll dive into the NEW Figma plugin for generating dynamic color schemes and see those changes reflected throughout your app's UI.
8:309:05pm UTC
9:10pm UTC

Wrap up

9:109:30pm UTC
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